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International Centre for EAP tuition

Registration Fee $ 260
Credit Transfer Assessment & Processing Fee $ 300
General levels $ 2,980 (Per Level)
Bridging Programs $ 3,900
Business Background courses $ 3,900
CBU MBA Entrance Test Preapration $ 3,900

Student Insurance Deposit *

The Student Insurance Deposit is a partial payment towards the mandatory medical insurance program available to you upon your completion of enrollment for classes when you arrive on campus at ICEAP NS, in Canada. ICEAP NS recommends that you purchase short-term, temporary travel insurance prior to your arrival in Canada in order to cover you for the period of time between when you leave your home country and when you arrive on campus at ICEAP NS to complete the final required enrollment process for attending classes. This type of short term emergency medical travel insurance should be widely available in your home country, at a reasonable cost, and should cover you from your date of departure from your home country, to the date you expect to personally be on campus at ICEAP NS to enroll for classes. The ICEAP NS medical insurance program will not be responsible for any medical expenses that may occur during your travel to Canada, and prior to your personal arrival on ICEAP NS campus to enroll for classes, in Canada.

Refund Policy

*All fees are subject to change without notice - fees on the website are most current.