Joseph Aucoin - Academic Lead, Bridge Pre-MBA Instructor

Degree: B. Sc. Double Major Business Administration/ Mathematics; Diploma in Applied Information Technology- focus on Software Development
I have been with ICEAP NS for over a year now and I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.
After working for several years in the local business community I decided to travel overseas to begin my career in the ESL and EAP industry. I was able to work in a variety of capacities, teach a diverse group of people, and gain unique insight into what it means to experience other cultures.
I feel I have been able to gain a great deal of experience over my seven years away from Cape Breton, which were spent mainly in Seoul, South Korea and British Columbia. It is precisely this experience that has encouraged me to return to my home to help develop something for which I feel a great passion. I truly believe that ICEAP NS is an institution that will enrich not only your students, but the staff and community as well. It is my commitment to ensure that this is a reality.