Yacht sailing

2021-05-19 20:38


Let's give a warm welcome of our new student Carol Ding, who was born in Shanghai, China.

It was such a great day on Aug 12th, 2013. We went yacht sailing in Downtown Sydney harbor with some of our students, 2 student's parents and all of our ICEAP NS student service staff. This was a warm up practice for welcoming our new students in September. Our mission is to provide our students with capable skills that will enable them to gain success in their academic study. We want all of our students to study hard and play hard, and we want them to understand that driving an actual yacht is similar to studying at school. Practice makes perfect! Let's hear the students' voice from ICEAP NS.

Carol Ding, new student from ICEAP NS

I feel very excited about this trip which was organized by the Student Service Department of ICEAP NS. I love the sea and ocean, and I have been to the East Sea, the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean; however, I think the Atlantic Ocean outrivals them all. Since I have the chance to operate a yacht in a boundless ocean, I feel free to enjoy the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze. I can forget about all of my stress and worry, which was blown away by the wind. In brief, I love my new life in Cape Breton!

Sylvia Chen, ICEAP NS stude

This was my first time to go sailing in an actual yacht. What an amazing day today! I appreciate that ICEAP NS can give me the chance to experience new things. ICEAP NS encourages us to broad our horizons and learn every day. Compared to the traditional teaching ways in China, it is very different in Canada, but I like it.

Mandy Gao, ICEAP NS student

It was a nice day with the students and staff of ICEAP NS. It was an awesome trip aboard the yacht. Standing on the yacht, I wonder how life can be so precious. I am sailing. I can feel it. I see all. I will tell my family and friends back in my hometown that I am fabulous and not to worry about me. Experiencing the tide and the wave, I am beginning. Experiencing the tide and the wave, I know that I will land safe at the end.
All our ICEAP NS student service staff are pleased that we could give our students such a momentary experience. We hope more students can join us, and we are willing to offer them the best life experiences in Canada. Now we welcome all of our ICEAP NS students to think hard and give a name to our school's yacht! If your idea is used, you will be given a mystery gift! Let's work together, and let ICEAP NS be everyone's dream school!


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