Scavenger Hunt

2021-05-19 22:28
Love the feeling of being a detective? Want to experience the joy of finding a treasure as a treasure hunter? Then welcome to the Cape Breton Island's traditional farm game- Scavenger Hunt!
In a weekend in October, student service department of the International Center for EAP organized a pack of students for a unique Cape Breton farm treasure-hunt game. Students were divided into several groups at the center of Hank's corn ground and given the cards of game hints. With the lovely autumn breezes the Scavenger Hunt game started. In this harvest season, Cape Breton is covered by all these golden sweet corns and decorated by lovely mini pumpkins. Sniffing the natural grass sent and corn field sweetness, students were enjoying searching the treasure according to the hints, as the ones who finished their task could be awarded the free organic vegetables and fruits from the farm.
As those students are largely from cities, they rarely have the chance to be in touch with nature and playing in farms. This treasure hunting game not only exercised their bodies but also gave them an experience to see the vast land of Canada. As the tradition of International Center for EAP, learning English could be with a lot of fun by getting richer understanding in language content and thus, all of the above could enhance the study progress in the long term.



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