Daffodil Month Volunteer

2021-05-19 22:55
Every April, the Canadian Cancer Society holds their national fundraising campaign, Daffodil Month. During this month, volunteers from across the country get involved in a variety of activities to raise funds for life-saving research, support services and other important work for the fight against cancer. Our ICEAP NS Students proudly participate in this fundraising events.
Jackie Lu, one of the volunteer, said "I am very pleased to be able to participate in such a meaningful event, because the money we collected will benefit a lot of people, it makes me feel a strong social responsibility. I'm so proud and feel lucky being one of them".
Tiffany Jiang, another volunteer said: "I bought a bouquets of Daffodil myself, to show a little support to this fundraising campaign."
Jessica Ren said: "volunteering during Daffodil sale is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only improved my English communication skills but also get more involved in the local society, the people in Cape Breton are very generous and warm hearted!"


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