Mid-Autum Moon Festival

2021-05-19 23:20
With the sponsorship from Embassy of China, September 25, 2015 saw the International Centre of EAP present a Mid-Autunm celebration at the ICEAP NS Morrison complex in Glace Bay.
The event was held in the gymnasium which turned out to be a festive event featuring live ICEAP NS student performances, consumption of delicious moon cakes, and lucky draws for the lucky at heart with much more! Present were both the administrative staff with the COO Kerrianne Mackenzie welcoming all the participants students and faculty. Her words expressed the pride we all have in the efforts of our students to succeed under the professional direction of the ICEAP NS teaching staff and student services. Further mention goes to the Cape Breton Student and Scholar Association who offered assistance in food and set-up support for decorating.
In 2015, Mid-Autumn fell on rare "Supermoon" total lunar eclipse coming to North America. This lunar phenomenon was the first supermoon eclipse since 1982, and the last until 2033. No doubt an impressive gift has been given to us by Mother Nature blessing our humble celebration.


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