Homestay - Pauline MacKinnon

Pauline MacKinnon and her partner Steve O’Leary reside at 96 Richmond St. in Sydney, NS. This is their first year hosting International Students, and they are enjoying it very much. They have children and grandchildren of their own, and now they have two young ladies from China, Ying Han and Jing Zhou, blending in with this remarkable family.
Ying Han is from Haerbin in the North-East of China . Haerbin is world renowned for its magnificent ice sculptures and that’s why it is often referred to as the Ice City. Ying finds the teachers at ICEAP NS very helpful and extremely patient. Although she still finds learning English a little confusing, she is making steady progress in her studies. Ying has her sights set on a career in Hospitality Management, which she intends to pursue from CBU in Sydney.
Jing Zhou is a native of Shanghai in southern China. Jing likes to be called Hester, which is her adoptive English name. She is currently in Level 5 at the ICEAP NS program and she is making rapid progress in this her first English Language School. She looks forward to the day she can move on to CBU and begin her lifelong dream of obtaining a University Degree. She is full of anticipation about celebrating Christmas with her homestay family and can’t wait to try her first turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Cape Breton University campus

P.O.Box 5300, ICEAP NS-1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney,

Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2 



DLI # : O19210055012