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Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University offers a unique variety of degree, diploma and certificate programs. Students have the opportunity to study in four different schools, the Shannon School of Business, the School of Arts and Social Science, the School of Science and Technology and the School of Professional Studies. Each school offers many highly respected and competitive programs with students experiencing success upon graduation. Highlighted are programs found to be of most interest among international students. These along with all other CBU programs can be further explored at www.cbu.ca
A Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Shannon School of Business will prepare students for a career in a variety of business fields including accounting, marketing, finance, information technology and much more. Students will gain hands on experience as well as the required knowledge to become successful in any business area.
The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management is a three-year degree program including two six-month paid interships. Students study all areas of the industry including hospitality, tourism, business, arts and science. Graduates are well prepared to enter various types of employment or continue on with graduate studies.
CBU houses the newest Engineering Department in the province and is second in size only to that at Dalhousie University. Students studying in the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Degree program have the opportunity to focus their studies in electronics and controls, environmental studies and petroleum.
The Bachelor of Science Nursing Program at Cape Breton University strives for excellance in preparing our future nurses, to be knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and ethical professionals, prepared to provide leadership and scholarship in all areas of nursing practice.
Public Health has been defined as what we, as a society, do collectively to ensure the conditions for people to be healthy. The interdisciplinary nature of public health practice demands that all practitioners of public health develop skill sets that allow them to support each other, to develop surge capacity, particularly in times of crisis or emergency. This program aims to support the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified as core competencies for public health practice. In addition to core competencies, practitioners must develop the discipline specific competencies required of their area of specialty. The focus of this degree program is the environmental public health dimension of public health.
The two year transfer program in Human Nutrition is offered under the Department of Health Studies at Cape Breton University. A number of students choose to begin their studies in this program at CBU and follow a clear set of course guidelines to meet all transfer requirements. A degree in Human Nutrition opens doors to exciting career opportunities.
A career as a teacher is a rewarding experience, which allows individuals to play a key role in the development of tomorrow’s leaders. In only 16-months, the Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree from Cape Breton University equips students with the skills and experience needed to be influential educators.
CBU’s campus based BEd program exposes students to modern teaching practices and techniques, while providing the knowledge and independence needed for students to create personal teaching philosophies. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have experienced a 4-month teaching practicum, along with ample opportunities to accumulate a diverse teaching portfolio. As a result of this approach, CBU graduates are successfully leading their own classrooms worldwide.


School of Arts and Social Sciences

• Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology and

Languages and Letters

Political Science

History & Culture




Philosophy &
Religious Studies

• Bachelor of Arts and Community Studies (BACS)

Shannon School of Business

• Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development

• Bachelor of Business Administration

• Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accounting

• Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Major

• Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management Degree

School of Professional Studies

• Master of Education

• Bachelor of Education

• Bachelor of Science, Nursing

• Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health)

• Honours BSc in Human Nutrition Transfer Option

School of Science and Technology

• Bachelor of Science





• Bachelor of Science Community Studies


Integrative Science

Psychology, Health,
and Environment

• Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Electronics and Controls

Environmental Studies



• Bachelor of Technology (Transfer)

• Bachelor of Computer Science (Transfer)

• Bachelor of Engineering Transfer Program (Engineering Diploma)

Biological Option:

Biological Option:



Electrical and Computer