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(Adapted from the Cape Breton University Academic Calendar, P.37-38)


Plagiarism is a very serious offence that will not be tolerated. In order to ensure that you do not commit plagiarism (intentionally or unintentionally) make sure that you understand what it is. You and you alone are responsible for the work that you submit for grading in any course, and every instance of plagiarism will be dealt with by the instructor. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty in which a student submits or presents the work of another person as his or her own.

Such misrepresentation is treated as a serious violation of academic standards and principles. When a student submits work for a course, it is assumed that the work is original except where the student properly acknowledges the use of other sources. Of course, good scholarship often requires drawing on the work of others, but any borrowed material – including words, ideas, data, statistics, graphics and other intellectual matter, whether drawn from print, electronic, or other non-print sources – must be fully acknowledged according to the accepted practices of the relevant discipline.

This policy applies equally to all forms of materials submitted in all courses. These materials include but are not limited to assignments, essays, compositions, theses, creative writing, reports, reviews, lab reports, projects, computer programs, experimental data, drawings, charts, plans, musical compositions, and works of art. This policy applies without regard to the weight assigned to the item plagiarized within the course instructor’s grading formula for the course.

Plagiarism is a serious matter for ICEAP Nova Scotia. If not dealt with, it will ultimately devalue ICEAP NS’s credibility to the detriment of both employees and ICEAP Nova Scotia.

A student at ICEAP NS is expected to submit work that demonstrates compliance with two important prerequisites: a level of independent thought, grounded in the teaching received;
the provision of clear referencing to all sources consulted
It should be clear from a consideration of these two key requirements why plagiarism is unacceptable.

By definition, a piece of work that has been plagiarized will never be able to meet either of the above criteria.

We view the passing off of other people’s work as your own extremely seriously and the consequences can be equally serious, ranging from receiving a “zero” mark on a test, assignment or project, up to and including the permanent expulsion from ICEAP NS.

Students will write a mid-term test, and a final exam. The teacher may also give in-class quizzes, tests, assignments, etc. If students miss any testing, they must make arrangements with their teacher to write the test at the teacher’s discretion and will not receive full value for the missed test, or they will not be permitted to rewrite. Instead, they will receive a 0% on the missed test. If students are caught cheating (e.g. talking during test, using cell phones/translators, looking at other people’s tests, looking at notes, etc.), they will receive a 0% on their test and there will be no re-write.