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Code of Conduct for Students

The ICEAP NS Student Code of Conduct emphasizes responsibility in both the academic and non-academic areas of student life. As an ICEAP NS student, you assume the responsibility for abiding by the standards that have been set forth by ICEAP NS.
Our primary concern is your well-being. You have the capacity to control your behavior and make the right decision regarding your in-class behavor(s).
ICEAP NS wants to ensure that all of our students improve their English, enjoy their time here and graduate with a newfound maturity and respect for other cultures.

In order to help you adjust to work and study life in Canada, we ask you to always remember the following principle: RESPECT

Respect the multicultural environment, but also Canadian culture. Be punctual. Be inclusive of others from different countries. Do not make racist or sexist jokes or comments. Inappropriate comments or behaviour will result in disciplinary action being taken by ICEAP NS.

Respect the student-centered teaching style. Be prepared to be actively engaged in class activities. Remember that part of your grade is based on your class participation!

Respect the shared spaces. Although we have a large school, you need to respect the bathrooms, the lunch room and computer lab as a shared space. Clean up after yourself.

Respect the general policies of ICEAP NS. No smoking in front of the school! If you must smoke, please do so outside the fence. Students cannot use handheld gaming devices, personal digital assistants (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone), or cell phones during class. Students are not permitted to sleep in class.

ICEAP NS policies that are specific to your program and/or the facility that we use will be communicated to you upon arrival at ICEAP NS.


While it is not ICEAP NS’s intention to dictate how to dress, there are a few basic rules that all students are expected to follow:

  1. Shirt and shoes are required at all times.
  2. Apparel should not be revealing or questionable as to cause disruption of normal school and classroom operations.
  3. Both the individual and his/her clothes should be clean, so as not to offend others.

The display of cleavage is unacceptable. Low cut blouses, tops, sweaters, etc. with plunging necklines are not allowed.

Any clothing, accessories, symbols, jewelry or other paraphernalia, which depicts or suggests association with a gang, secret society or fraternity, shall not be brought to school, worn at school or in any way be present at any school-sponsored event.

Any other considerations will be determined by school administrators. The school administration shall have the right to consider any current fashion to determine its acceptability for school wear.


The main objective of ICEAP NS’s Program is to assist international students gain proficiency in English. Our low student-to-teacher ratio, facilities, extra-curricular activities, and field trips are all designed to help students put their English skills to use while exploring the local culture. Our teachers and support staff are here to help the students integrate into Cape Breton society and learn English, making sure that classroom learning is applied in everyday life.

However, we have found that what matters most is each student’s effort in using English as much as possible and taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them. Without a serious effort at utilizing English both inside and outside of class, a desire to learn and grow both as ‘scholars’ and ‘people’ and a willingness to explore new things, students will simply not maximize their potential or improve their grades and test scores.

You are expected to speak English at all times while at ICEAP NS.

At ICEAP NS, we believe that it is important for our students to speak English at all times in our school. Being immersed in an English-speaking environment will give you the opportunity to improve your English skills. Thus we actively enforce an “English Only Policy” on our campus. This means English is spoken in all areas of ICEAP NS (e.g. classrooms, offices, hallways).


ENGLISH ONLY! You are here to learn English and the best way to learn is to practice. You will be expected to speak ENGLISH ONLY when you are at ICEAP NS. Enforcing this rule will assist you greatly in your English language learning.

Attendance is mandatory. MISSING MORE THAN 6 DAYS/SEMESTER MAY CAUSE FOR FAILURE OF THE COURSE. You will be responsible for getting any and all class work missed during an absence. Please email the principal if you are going to be absent.

Adhere to break times. You are required to return promptly from break. If you are late, your instructor may ask you to wait until the next break before re-entering the class. Missed class time will result in decreased language learning.

Tardiness. If you are late for class, please enter the class quietly as to not disturb the other students or the instructor. Late slips must be signed and dated for late arrivals to class. Habitual tardiness will be tolerated and you may be asked to leave class by the instructor if this becomes a problem.

Plagiarism. Any form of plagiarism will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Please familiarize yourself with ICEAP NS and CBU’s plagiarism policy.

Preparation. Students should be prepared to work when they come to class. Always bring your textbook, paper, and pen to class, along with any other material required by the instructor. When you come to class, you are there to work. This is a fast-paced level and requires a student’s full attention and willingness to work hard. Do your very best and you will succeed!

Exams. At ICEAP NS, courses usually have two major exams: mid-term exams and final exams. Exams will test your knowledge using varying formats, such as short/long answers, essay questions, true or false, and multiple choice.

Missing an Exam. There are a few legitimate reasons for missing a final exam. Events such as a wedding, an annual medical checkup, missing a bus, or taking a vacation are not legitimate reasons for missing a final exam. There are very few legitimate reasons for missing an exam. If you have a legitimate reason, you will need to show proof to the Academic Chair before the exam.

Cell Phones. Cell phones are to be turned off or to vibrate mode during class time.

Class participation. In many classes, you will be expected to actively participate by discussing opinions, ideas, and perspectives related to coursework, readings, and assignments. In some cases, you may be graded based on your participation in class. Unless otherwise stated, you can signal your intention to contribute by raising your hand. The common emphasis on classroom discussion underlies a broader academic focus on critical thinking, connecting and creating ideas, and defending specific perspectives or arguments. Sleeping is not permitted in class.

ICEAP NS Management has the authority to impose sanctions for behaviours that violate the Student Code of Conduct. ICEAP NS staff reserves the right to dismiss a student due to non-cooperation or misbehaviour or when it is deemed in the best interest of the rest of the students.

There may be one incident that is major enough to warrant immediate dismissal or there may be a series of minor incidents that warrant dismissal. We will notify the primary contact if we are having minor incidents that could lead to dismissal.

Immediate dismissal from ICEAP NS could occur if the student is:

Causing physical or emotional harm to himself, herself or another person. This may include but is not limited to: fighting, bullying, pulling pranks, using objects as weapons, being unsafe with school supplies or equipment. Students are not permitted to be under the influence of alcohol, or illegal drugs during class a/o at events sponsored by ICEAP NS. Knives are not permitted at school a/o events sponsored by ICEAP NS. Fireworks, firecrackers, lighters, fuels, and matches are not allowed at school a/o events sponsored by ICEAP NS.

Risking the safety of self, other students and/or staff.

Not listening or cooperating with ICEAP NS staff, resulting in an unsafe learning environment. Causing damage to the physical facility or the natural environment.
There may be one incident that is major enough to warrant immediate dismissal or there may be a series of minor incidents that warrant dismissal. ICEAP NS staff reserves the right to dismiss a student due to non- cooperation or misbehaviour or when it is deemed in the best interest of the rest of the students. Consideration will be made for the safety of the individuals, other participants and the staff team.

Breaching the Code of Conduct will result in the following consequences:

1st offense: Removal from classroom for a 1 hour period (one-class suspension) Plus you will receive a 1-point deduction from your final average at the end of the semester.

2nd offense: Removal from classroom for a ½ day period (half-day suspension) Plus you will receive a 2-point deduction from your final average at the end of the semester.

3rd offense: Removal from classroom for 1 day period (one-day suspension) Plus you will receive a 5-point deduction from your final average at the end of the semester.

If you continue to ignore the Code of Conduct after the one-day suspension, you run the risk of not being promoted to the next level a/o receive documentation. As well, ICEAP NS reserves the right to expel you from your studies.

Every semester, the system will reset and students will start with a clean slate.